Using and Troubleshooting Our Tech

If you are having difficulties with our newfangled Web 2.0 technology, this should point you to the right resources. The place to start informing yourself is How To Get Connected, which explains our technical scheme for this semester. If you’re looking for how to do a specific thing, try perusing (and searching in) the How To category.

Blogging: If you are having difficulties making posts, try: How To Set Up Your BlogHow To Get Started Once You’ve Set Up Your BlogHow To Make Your First Post, How To Create a “Pingback”.

Reading: Other students’ blogs: If you are having difficulties with RSS, try: How To Get Connected Using Tiny Tiny RSSHow To Import Feeds into Tiny Tiny RSS. Course reading: If you are having difficulty accessing the course reading, try: How To Access the Course Readings.

Email: If you are having difficulties with email, try: How To Get Connected. If you would like to change your email preferences, you can do so  at MailChimp.

Nota bene regarding email: I have subscribed you using your default Wayne email addresses ( If you have not been receiving email, please check your spam folders as well as the daily Wayne Connect spam digests.

(Last updated September 12.)