Well shit…

Well I have some bad news everyone

It turns out that the man museum was just a hoax. Brad is just some 14 year old kid from Pittsburgh who fucking scammed me out of a lot of money. But since I gave him my mom’s money I can’t get the money back. So now my mom is punishing me for loosing alot of her money by forcing me to get a job. Cause if I don’t she’ll kick me out and I’m not on good terms with my friends right now cause of something that happened with me and them and blowup sex doll. I don’t wanna talk about it.

So I guess I lost the battle… It’s time to hang up my meninist cape for now. I’ll be working for the WOman. but not for long. please don’t let my loss stop you all from continuing. Your no longer just fighting for men’s rights but for MY rights too.

I will leave you all with a quote from a great man. A man that may some day actually have a giant picture in an all mens museum. A future where 14 year olds don’t scam people and men don’t have to live under the horrible pressure of feminism. Keep the dream alive ya’ll.

A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do.


Why should I have to get a job? just because society says I should? Because my mom yells at me everyday about it? SHe literally wakes me up before she goes to work and says “get a job.”

What a bitch y’know?

Doesn’t she realize how hard my life is? My people are struggling and she’s not being sympathetic what’s so ever. It’s hard for me to get a job because I am a man. My mom thinks I’m being ridiculous but I’m not!

And honestly I don’t really want a job right now. A job would just slow me down. You all have shown how Important this blog is. I get ten comments a day!

Being a man is my job. And I’m gonna do it as  hard as I can and not let some “woman” slow me down.


Brad has just name me as one of the chairmen of the Man Museum and I’m trying to decide which picture of Chuck Norris is the best to hang in the museum.

Chuck Norris 1995 kjdlaksd

this one says “hi I’m Chuck Norris and I’m awesome. I’m just you’re laid back average guy who could easily give you a roundhouse kick to the face. but I won’t.”


but this one says “hey look at me I’m Chuck Norris. Women want to have sex with me all the time. Look at these muscles. Look at how they glisten from my sweat. I’m so dirty and hairy. my sstrong muscular just is covered with hair. just like the rest of my sweet sweet body.”

I feel like I’m leaning more towards the second one but this is my first desiscion on the board of the man museum and I don’t wanna screw it up.


Feminism is TRYING to ruin porn but FAILING

Hello Everyone! The Dark Knight of Meninism has returned! And he’s here to drop some truth on ya’ll. First off, I like porn. I’ve been watching it since high school. Can’t pinch off a load without it. It’s always been just a fun thing to do. I wait for my mom to go to her “job” then I prepare a nice bubble bath where I relax with some R. Kelly telling me how it really is, then I plug my computer into my TV (gotta have that shit HD) and let the fun begin.

But now I hear that feminists are trying to ruin porn too!

I was talking to my guy at Lids while I was looking for a good birthday present for my grandma when he tells me about how he told his girlfriend that he watches porn and how she freaked out on him. He said she made him watch some stupid anti-porn documentary on Netflix. I then realized that the feminist had a new weapon that they were going to further try to suppress men with. And this weapon is set to ‘kill’ (porn). And it’s called “Hot Girls Wanted.”

This post is not a complaint but a warning to all porn-lovers about this movie and how to stop it’s evil.

I don’t have a Netflix so I asked him if I could borrow his account so I could watch the movie (I’m more of a Yahoo Stream guy myself). I took it upon myself to take the responsibly of watching this horrible film and figuring out how to stop it. And let me tell you guys, it wasn’t easy.

First off there was no nudity. THE WHOLE TIME. I thought for a second I was about to see a nipple but then they immediately cut away. What a tease! For it being a movie about porn there wasn’t anything in it that was porn like. It was just a lot of people talking about porn. I mean who would want to see a porno where all they did was talk? Not me.

Long story short, I was not turned on at any point during the movie.

The craziest part was that I actually knew one of the porn stars in it, Stella May. I had seen her work before and thought she was super hot but it turns out she’s a major uggo. She’s some pizza face hick with a boyfriend. That was the part that I was so confused about. How could you date a girl that was always fucking other dudes (and some chicks lol)? I’d hate having a slut for a girlfriend. I also never thought I would meet the parents of someone I’ve jerked off to. But I did and I gotta tell ya, it was weird. The whole movie was weird. It just made me feel really uncomfortable. I didn’t enjoy watching it and I didn’t like how I felt after watching it. I’m not used to movies that make me ‘feel’ things. Maybe if the movie was more like Expendables 2 or Missing in action then it would’ve been a better movie. But it wasn’t so it I didn’t like it.

But the worst thing about the movie was that it wasn’t done torturing me after I finished watching it. The next day I went through my daily routine of getting ‘into the mood’ but when I started watching porn I began to feel bad again. Every porno I would start watching I would wonder if the girl (or girls lol) had a boyfriend too or what there feelings were while they were making the film. I haven’t even cared about the feelings of the girls I’ve DATED. But there I was, thinking and feeling and it sucked. I still jerked off, but I wasn’t happy after.

The feminists had taken a toll on me. They weaseled their ugly heads into my brain and told me to hate myself for watching porn.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to fight back. To reject the feminist judgment from my brain and then it dawned on me.

Why should I care?

Why should I care about the lives of the people I’m masturbating to?

I’m watching it for their performance not for their ‘feelings’.

I love Chuck Norris movies but I don’t give a shit about what his parents think about his movies.

I’m a Meninist and a Meninist supports equal rights. So if a girl wants to do porn then good. Great! I encourage it. Just like how I would support a guy wanting to be an actor. They get to do what they want.

So men, if a feminist tries to get you down about watching porn, you tell that fat pixie cut bitch you’re supporting the porn stars profession. The feminists want to stop porn but they won’t if we stand our ground and fight back. We will not let the feminists win. We will have equal rights. WE WILL WATCH PORN!

(Fun fact: I can’t listen to R. Kelly without getting turned on now LOL.)

UK took a poll to see who was the most derided group of people in their country and guess who got it.

White. 20s. Males

Even a government funded survey is acknowledging that we’re being suppressed. How do I have a chance to be something if people already think I’m something else. People aren’t going to hangout with a shark because they think he eats people. But what if that shark is actually a nice guy.

I knew a guy from England that could crush can on his forehead. Great guy. But it makes me so said knowing that his whole country doesn’t feel the same respect for him that I do.

I’ve been talking to my buddy Brian who’s trying to start the man museum and he told me about how there’s actually a charity for men as well. THe man charity helps those who have been victims of feminist crimes against them. He doesn’t have a website for it yet but his email is brian1678@yahoo.com if your interested in donating.

Here’s a link a guy talking about the UK poll on the red pill.



I need to step up my game.

I recently found a subreddit called the red pill and it has changed my life.

The red pill says that their website is a discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men. I knew people were talking about men’s rights but I didn’t know they were talking about it this much. The site has thousands of subscribers all with better ideas then the next. But the thing is is that its just made me angry. before I was just a happy meninist trying to do my part in saving the world from feminism but now I’m a more angry version of that. My whole thing with feminism is what’s their problem? They think they are more special because they’re women. That’s sexist. It makes me mad y’know? It’s not fair that women think they’re better than us. I had my fun at first but it’s time this fight got a little more edgier. Im still gonna have fun stuff on here posting here but now Im gonna try and do more serious stuff.


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