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I think Noah asked about this in class and Professor indicated that marking all the feeds as read should reorder them, remedying the problem. Hasn’t been the case for me, though.

FYI, I’m trying to use the “Oldest first” orientation.


I can’t seem to leave a comment here. Anyway, when I check from campus computers, the feed seems okay up until September 15th, then it jumps back a week and continues in seemingly chronological order from there. I always kept off “Adaptive.” Iunno. I’m mostly reading from an RSS reader on my phone, now, but it did cause me to accidentally skip a few blog post at first.


***Edit 2***

Clicking “Comments” give me like a Toast notification reading “You do not have permission to do this action.” Anyway, sure. Log in and see what you can find. Though I have my workaround running at this point, I see someone else is following this question, so it could be worth pursuing. As long as you don’t unsubscribe from my feeds, I’m good.

scott commented ago
    • Ed,

      I can’t figure out how to recreate the problem, and so don’t have a sense of how to fix it. The articles are in “random” order? No pattern at all?

      I have no difficulty with any of the orientations. Do “Default” and “Newest First” change the issue?

      Or perhaps, under which articles to view, switch from “Adaptive” to “All.” In some sense, try removing the attempts of Tiny Tiny RSS to filter what you read: Show all articles, in Newest or Oldest first, and then we can see what we can do.

      Also, one thing that might help you see patterns better for the random ordering is to uncheck the “Automatically expand articles” checkbox in the main preferences. That will just give you the title, author, first words of the post, and then the timestamp. That at least should let you see a good chunk of the feed at once.

    • Yeah, the questions comment interface is dumb: with free software, beggars can’t really be choosers. It works, mostly. (Just click on “Comments,” and it will give you a new box to comment in.

      And I suppose you could say the same thing about Tiny Tiny RSS. Would you mind if I logged in as an administrator and took a look at your settings and see if I can find something? That certainly seems irregular.

    • Curioser and curioser. I have logged in to your account (and, to be able to do so, I changed your password back to your accessID, all lowercase; please change it back at your earliest convenience). I see everything in the correct order, even while changing sorting and viewing options. I’d like to get this sorted, or at least move closer to a diagnosis and solution. If you wouldn’t mind bringing your laptop to class today and hanging out for a minute before or after class, I’d love to see it on your machine. I have difficulty believing that something client-side would break the ordering, but I’m happy to try whatever.



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