Late, Missing, or Other Problematic Work

Blog Posts. The rule for blog posts is: late posts are missing posts. If you do not post by 1:30pm on Thursday (or, occasionally, Tuesday), you will have effectively missed the blog post for that week. You will receive a 0 for that week. I do drop your two lowest blog post grades of the semester, but I suggest you hoard those as best you can.

Also, if your blog post does not ping back to another student’s work, or does so only in a cursory way, I will automatically grade it as ✓-, regardless of how wonderful the content is otherwise.

Significant posts. The algorithm for late posts is simple: I subtract a point for every stepwise 24-hour period a “significant” post is late. After 10 days, when you can no longer receive any credit at all for the work, I no longer will accept the post, and you will receive an automatic failing grade for the course.

Extensions. I will entertain requests for extensions in exceptional and documented circumstances. Given that the work of your significant posts is to help us as a class work through the course material and that you are effectively picking your own due date in the semester, I am not particularly inclined to be generous with extensions.

Final projects. Final projects must be completed by 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 22. If you fail to complete your final project by then, you will receive an automatic failing grade for the course. This class is big enough that I cannot afford to be generous on this front.

Incompletes. I will consider an incomplete only in exceptional and documented circumstances. If you think you will require an incomplete, please start negotiations as soon as possible.