Final Projects

It is not too early to start thinking about your final projects for the semester, although for now (as of September 1), I want you to be fantasizing and collecting curiosities. The only requirement is that they be the equivalent of a 12–15pp. paper. (One handy proxy is word count: 4000 words, +/- 20%.) I want to encourage the use of “network forms” in your final projects. If you must, you may turn in a “traditional” research paper, but I would prefer, for example, a few of you getting together and writing a group blog about a topic, using a shared bibliography and archive and research practice, while developing the thought by responding to posts. Or, you might develop Tumblr or Instagram feeds on your own or with others. Or, for those of you who are adventurous, you might consider developing a Twine game. The possibilities are wide open.

That said, we will engage in a scaffolded research process, beginning about halfway through the semester, which will not only include a required meeting with Scott, but also will include blog posts about your research process as it develops. Don’t worry about this until about halfway through the semester.