There are two domains of coursework in this class. The first is obvious: students must read (watch, listen to, etc.) all assigned material closely and carefully before the class in which it is due. It is a lot of material; you are hereby forewarned. Students are further expected bring to class critical, detailed questions about the material (although most of that ought to be worked out in writing, on blogs, ahead of time). Students are further expected to bring all material, in some reasonable format, to class. This is a negative principle: I won’t take attendance, I won’t count up participation brownie points, I will not collect discussion questions, and it is not a goal in itself. (I will, however, get cranky if you’re not bringing the reading to class.) Rather it is prerequisite to the real work of the class: class discussion, where we work through the material together, and your written work for class.

The second domain is students’ written work, which will itself take two forms:

Your blog. Each student will get and keep a WordPress blog in our “Feelings & Networks Class Network.” This will be a real blog, open to the web. You may use a pseudonym. You will administer this blog, and you will update it weekly, at minimum. We will work together to develop processes and rubrics for the blog. NB: I know that it is a big class, but yes, you will be required to read all posts by your classmates before class. (If I gotta do it, so do you.)

• Your research project. The final project for the class (due Tuesday, December 15) will be a research project that will be the equivalent of a 12–15pp. paper. The form of the research project is entirely up for grabs: it can be a paper, but it can be any creative, critical making, or other project that is the same amount of work. Collaborative projects are encouraged.

These research projects will be scaffolded by means of dedicated blog posts, and students will be required to meet with Scott roughly halfway through the semester (late October–early November) to discuss and develop these projects.