Final Project Blogs

If you hare having difficulty finding your fellow students’ blogs, here is a list of final project blogs that have been started in the several weeks (in the order they were created). Because these are not ongoing in the same way, there is not likely to be a big time crunch, and there is considerable technological overhead, I have created a slower-moving RSS page (à la The Feelings and Networks Network rather loading things into TTRSS).

Here are links to all the blogs:

The Affects of Anonymity : Internet Trolling (Michelle Artist)

False Idols (Dan Jones)

On Photo/Graphic Death (Connor Newton)

Never Ending Project (Saima Mahmutovic)

Final Feelings (Nicole Barnes)

Technological Apotheosis (Emily Mihalik)

To Shatter or not to Shatter (Kendyl Layne and Hannah Loesch)

The Tweets of Mr. Donald Trump: A Close Reading (Daniel Ericksen)


In addition to the blogs on kredati, James, Hassan, Ed, and Mike have started a group blog on