Rushton Conference

There is an annual undergraduate research conference here at Wayne, put on by the English department, called the Rushton Conference. It’s a great thing for you all to do: it builds your CV for graduate school (of any kind); it gets you more comfortable doing public speaking; it’s an opportunity to find out what other awesome things your fellows students are working on; and it means you’ll get to have a conversation about work you care about. I highly recommend it.

Please consider submitting your work from ENG 5075. I’ve had students submit work from previous classes of mine, and it’s been a successful experience for them. (One student even won best presentation and delivered the keynote!) If you would like guidance in preparing a submission, I will be happy to walk you through the process—even next semester.

Submissions are due by 2/19/16, by email, in the form of 250-word abstracts, to