Final project posts: 12/4 and 12/11

Dear all,

As part of your process towards final projects, two further process posts:

Project proposal, due 12/4. In 300-500 words, describe your final project: your topic, your questions, your method, your primary sources, and the themes and readings and aesthetic objects from the course you plan to engage. You may wish to structure this as a brief story: how did you discover your topic, how did you refine the topic, why is it interesting to you.

Secondary source, due 12/11. In not fewer than 500 words (although probably at greater length than that), write a critical and analytical summary of a single secondary source—i.e., a scholarly article, essay, or book chapter—that is not on the class syllabus that you plan on using in your final project. Please address what it is you have learned from this essay/article/chapter, and what critical or analytical leverage on your topic and question it offers.