Journey playthrough video

Beloved students,

If you cannot make it to games lab to play Journey tomorrow or Tuesday, please watch part or all of the playthrough video. It would be preferable indeed to actually play the game with your peers. I also suggest not watching the video until playing the game, if you are planning on doing that.


Please also stay tuned: we may have a venue change, since apparently we have our game time scheduled (ironically) in the same time and place as the Video Games Scholarly Interest Group. Whoops! (If it is not in SH 326, it will most likely be in the English Department, in room 10302.)

For background, especially if you are not playing, you may also want to check out the wikipedia article about it. Or, perhaps, you might read the (very New Yorker-ish) New Yorker story on it.

(To be frank, I find the question of whether video games can be art to be completely stupid. What does an answer to that do but tell you whether or not you’re allowed to take them seriously? Or whether you’re allowed to not feel bad about playing (or “playing”) them? Or, conversely, that you can continue to ignore them as being irrelevant or condemn them as dreck? Following on my minor conniption at the end of last class, I will say that I think the category of art and its definitions and inclusions and exclusions almost always ends up distracting from the real questions. [For more on this, refer to the opening moves of my “Vulgar Boredom essay.] But it is nevertheless how people talk about games. And so.)