Considering courses next semester

Registration next semester is fast upon us, and the Associate Chair of the department, Lisa Maruca, has asked me to recommend to you ENG5830: Introduction to Technical and Professional Communication, which is part of our technical communication curriculum. In fact, I do encourage all English majors in literary and media studies to take at least one of these courses, as a way of working on (or at least beginning the thought of) skills transfer between the namby-pamby world of humanistic thinking (about feelings, no less!), and writing in a professional world. I don’t know what Jared has in store next semester (although he’s great!), but I do know that when Donnie Sackay teaches the course, one of the assignments involves writing instructions on how to tie a bow tie. Which is both awesome, really difficult, and an amazing exercise in honing the clarity and precision of your prose.

I also encourage students to consider taking Chera Kee’s ENG5070: Asian Cinema course. And those of you fascinated by affect, I don’t know what he’s planning as a subtopic, but Jonathan Flatley is teaching under the ENG5450: Modern American Literature number; affect theorist he sometimes is, his class will likely resonate with what we have been studying this semester.

Finally, I will be teaching a graduate-level course under ENG7006: Media Theory, titled Media Theory/Media Practice. If any of you think you might want continue working with me, while getting a solid foundationĀ in media theory while learning the basics of computer programming in a humanistic setting, talk to me about it. I’m happy to entertain the idea of waiving you into the course. The description is here.