Some programming notes

Today’s announcements post comes to you in four parts—please read to the end:

First, apologies on failing with the affect theory post. I will deliver it as a lecture today.

Second, it has come to my attention that there are two blogs that didn’t make it onto the list of feeds for the class, when we got Tiny Tiny RSS up and running. So, at your earliest convenience, please add the following two feeds into your Tiny Tiny RSS:

(To add only two feeds, the fastest way to do it is probably to open the Actions menu in the top right, and click “Subscribe to feed…” That will bring up a dialog box where you can copy and paste each of the feeds into it. Below where you can paste the URLs in, there’s a “Add to category” dropdown; you may wish to add them to whatever category you have set up for the class. Or you could use the batch subscribe process.)

Third, I’m just letting you know that, since we’re at the end of week 5, you can expect to receive grades cumulative to today either tomorrow or Monday. I’ll send you each an email.

Fourth, and finally, I have noticed that some of you have a lot of built up comments that may need approving. Next time you log into, please take some time to approve any pending comments from classmates. Thanks!