Reminder: Sign up for “Significant” Posts

This will serve as a reminder that you must sign up for “significant posts” by class time tomorrow. You may do so here. Undergraduates must sign up for two; MA students must sign up for three, one of which must be recommended for undergrads/required for MA students—the starred texts in the list.

As a brief reminder, significant posts will be no less than 1,000 words (approximately 3 pages), and are due by 1:30pm on the day the reading is due. Unlike regular weekly posts, I will accept late significant blog posts. (See more: Significant PostsGrades and Grading, and Missing & Late Work.)

As we discussed in class on Thursday, good blog posts are two things in particular: they address other students and anonymous other humans on the internet as a part of an ongoing conversation; and they are specific. (Remember: good bullshit is specific bullshit.) The most successful posts we have seen so far do one of a few different things: (1) they summarize, in a critical and clear manner, one or more points from the reading; (2) they ask good questions, often about things the author genuinely does not understand, that arise from close, careful reading of the text; or (3) they spin out some ideas from the reading in a different, highly specific, context.

And next week, we will get to the part where we design a rubric for ourselves.