Managing Comment Spam

We have our first bona fide network problem of the semester: comment spam. It’s a real issue. The first line of defense is going to be to enable Jetpack/Akismet for all of your blogs. I am doing that presently.

Once I do this, in theory, you should be plugged into my Akismet. In your site dashboard, under the Jetpack menu, there should be an Akismet option. It will tell you how many spam comments it stopped. It should also—and this is the important part—have my Akismet API key in the “Settings” box. If that is there, the plugin should be working. (If it’s not, please let me know. It’s hard for me to recreate what you guys see.)

In theory, this should be enough to stop most or all comment spam. But here we are, on the network, in a relatively untrafficked corner of it, and here we are, with comment spammers. Welcome, I suppose, to being networked.