Getting Started Blogging, and other errata

As we move into our first week of formal blogging, a few bullet points:

• As per the outline of the blog assignments, you must blog once this upcoming week. Blog posts for the week are due not later than 1:30pm on Thursdays, but I’m hoping that substantial numbers of people don’t put this off till the last second. These blog posts must engage with, and link to, at least one other student’s post. Please stay tuned for a new post with some tips and guidelines for good blogging.

• You are required to read all other students’ posts. The best way to do so is Tiny Tiny RSS. (Go here and here to get set up.)

• You are also required to write at least two comments on other students’ posts. From Tiny Tiny RSS, this means you will have to click through to the student’s post.

In other business:

• If you are not getting emails from me, please check your spam folder as well as your Wayne Connect Quarantine emails. You can manage your MailChimp email preferences here.

• I have added a link in the menu so that you can see just the work that is due in the upcoming week.

• If you have not done so already, please also fill out the survey about screening times.

Happy reading and blogging!