How To Import Feeds into Tiny Tiny RSS (if OPML is giving you heartburn)

I have received several pleas for help, as the OPML feed importing process isn’t working for some people. If you have been trying to get connected with Tiny Tiny RSS, but the OPML file is not downloading properly, or it’s not possible to save the file, or it doesn’t subscribe you to any feeds, here is an alternate process that is, ultimately, probably easier and less prone to error. In the interest of time—I’m trying to get this out to you all as fast as possible—I haven’t included screen shots this time; it should be straightforward enough without them. If you try this out and remain bewildered, shoot me a message and I’ll work on screen shots.

In Preferences, under the Feeds tab, and in the Feeds pref pane, there are three menus at the top of the pane: Select, Feeds, and Categories.

First, create a category for our feeds. If you don’t mind all our feeds living under “Uncategorized,” you can skip this step. Open the Categories menu and select Add category. Name the class category whatever you want: “The Feelings and Networks Network” and “Class bullshiz” work equally well.

Next, you’ll need to subscribe to the feeds. Open the Feeds menu, and select Batch subscribe. First, in the drop down on the top right, “Place in category,” select whichever category you just added (or do nothing). Then, you will copy and paste the list of feeds for the class. A properly formatted list of feeds is here. Once you’ve pasted the list into the Batch subscribe dialogue, click subscribe, and you should be all set!

I thought this solution would somehow be less elegant, but downloading XML files is apparently much more problematic than I anticipated. Once again, thank you for bearing with me as we get all our technology patched up.

Heidegger famously wrote in Being and Time that you only experience a thing as a thing once it breaks. A hammer in good repair is just a hammer; you use it to bang on nails. When the hammer breaks, however, it becomes an inert thing, recalcitrant matter, no longer an extension of your will.

Let’s just say it’s been a good lesson for us all, interacting with the materiality of networks. Which is also to say: a good lesson as we move into the next two weeks of class.

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