Some Very Important Logistical Matters

A few very important logistical matters as we move into our second week:

• I have changed our meeting location to State Hall 326. We’ll be meeting there for the rest of the semester, although it make take a bit of time for the change to propagate across the various Wayne State Networks. This change is reflected in the class schedule.

• In addition to reading the Cohen article and spending some time with Beacon, please also watch Her, however you can. (More on screenings here; please also fill out the poll. Also: Jodi points out that Comcast subscribers may be able to stream the film for free “On Demand.”)

• To that end, I will be screening Her on Tuesday, September 8 at 2:30pm in State Hall 326.

• Please also complete the first blogging assignment by 1:30pm on Tuesday.

• One final, small technical matter: please delete or edit the default first post, “Hello World” in your blogs—we have a glut of hellos to worlds!