How To Set Up Your Blog

I will be adding you all as users to the WordPress site on September 2nd. You will receive an email asking you to log in and create a password.

“Adding you as users” means two things: (1) you will be signed up as a “subscriber” to the course blog, and (2) you will be signed up as a user in the course blog network. This means you’ll be able to see protected content on the course blog (e.g. readings distributed electronically), and you’ll be able to create your own blog in the network.

To do this, once you’ve logged in, at the top left of your browser window, there should be a “My Sites” with a key icon next to it. Click on that. You should have a dropdown for “primary site” set to “,” and below that a link that says “Create a New Site.” That will bring you to a page that has three whole options, after which you can create your new site:

Site Name: This is just the URL of the blog. This will be

Site Title: This is the English language, human readable title of the blog, say “Some Great Site!!!”

Privacy:¬†Lastly, if you’d like to remain obscure, I suggest not allowing search engine indexing, although to be honest, I think most of what we’re doing here will probably fall under the warm embrace of security by obscurity.

Click on¬†Create Site and you’re done! It’ll bring you to your new site, with your WordPress control bar up at the top. From here you can hover over New, select Post, and start blogging!

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