Introducing: How To

We’re working with technology this semester: a WordPress blog network hosted by Scott on his server, This means a few things:

• Learning how to use WordPress. WordPress itself is pretty darn simple (and a hell of a lot better than Blackboard for our uses). Possibly some of you have used it to blog before. WordPress is impressively documented, so if you don’t know what to do, first try the help button at the top right of your dashboard, then try Googling around, then make a post on your blog (in the network) in the category How To. If that doesn’t help you figure out how to fix the problem or work around it, then you can and should email Scott.

The point of this is not only to take some of the pressure of Scott to be everybody’s tech support guy (please and thank you), but also to crowdsource things, and in helping your fellow students figure things out, learn how to do more things yourself.

Also: if you have an issue that you think other folks might encounter, and you figure out how to fix it, post in How To and tell us what you did, how you did it, and why!

• In the service of this learning, a WordPress category: How To. All the tutorials you will need will be posted under How To. You can follow the feed, and Scott has included a permanent link in the menus.

• Being patient with yourself and everybody else. Scott is a rather indifferent server admin. So don’t expect rock solid stability all the time, and please be patient. (Then again, we’ll probably do better at the hobbyist grade that Scott is working at than Blackboard.)

• Working with a few related technologies. In particular, I encourage you to work with RSS feeds. More on those soon!